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Defending Against Drug Trafficking And Distribution

Drug trafficking and distribution are some of the most serious drug crimes charges you can face in Pennsylvania. If you have been accused of moving drugs of any quantity across state lines or distributing them, it is important that you immediately seek experienced and qualified legal representation to protect yourself.

At the Law Offices of John J. Fioravanti Jr. in Bucks County, our defense lawyer for drug trafficking and distribution has decades of experience fighting these types of drug charges. He knows exactly what must be done to protect you.

We will thoroughly investigate the allegations against you. The charges against you and the impact of sentencing will come down to the details. This can include the quantity of drugs the prosecution claims you moved, the manner in which you moved them, whether the drugs crossed state lines and if any type of entrapment was used against you. We will look to see if law enforcement set you up and whether your rights were violated in the arrest.

Are You Facing Charges In Federal Court?

The prosecution may be seeking to file federal charges against you. If the quantity of drugs was sufficient enough or if the drugs crossed state or national lines, you could be tried in federal court. It is critical that you fight this so that the case will not move to federal court where sentencing is much more severe. We have been highly successful in having these charges minimized to protect our clients.

We understand the severity of these charges and their sentencing. We will aggressively advocate for the best possible outcome.

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