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Theft Crimes

If you have been charged with any type of theft crime or suspect that you will be charged, it is important that you immediately seek a skilled attorney who knows how to handle these charges and protect your rights and your future.

Since 1979, the Law Offices of John J. Fioravanti Jr. in Doylestown has provided clients with skilled criminal defense representation, protecting our clients from the full brunt of criminal sentencing. Theft charges could result in jail time and serious loss of liberties. We will work with the prosecution, minimizing the charges against you and aggressively fighting for the best possible outcome.

Theft crimes can range widely in charges and sentencing for those charges. We handle all forms of misdemeanor and felony theft charges in Bucks County and beyond, including shoplifting, robbery, aggravated robbery, burglary charges, grand theft and any form of theft charges. We thoroughly investigate the details of the allegations and the arrest, minimizing the charges as much as possible.

Zealous Advocacy On Your Side

We are well known throughout the state for our criminal defense abilities, and we are often able to reach the best possible deal with local prosecutors. Our experienced theft crime lawyer will provide you with a clear and honest understanding of where the charges stand and all options available to you. If the case moves to trial, you can trust our abilities in court, aggressively fighting to protect your rights and your future.

To learn more about how we can zealously advocate on your behalf, please contact our law firm today by calling our Doylestown, Pennsylvania, office at 267-454-6002 for an initial consultation. We also have office in Levittown.